21 oktober 2011

Letter to Tom Hayden


Here in Sweden the peace movement very much appreciate Your
efforts and reliable information. However one should be careful with the
ifs and buts in Obamas policy statements.

If they leave Iraq this would be a stunning victory, I agree.

So we will see.

As for Afghanistan Obama is stubbornly upholding the war on a
double or treble level compared to Bush. While the US hasn't withdrawn
one single soldier, the allies are getting weary and for the first time
in 10 year decreased the participation in Nato-Isaf with 1.711 men
between June and August and now the withdrawal is accelerating.

Besides doubling the afghan war and repeating promises on Iraq the Obama
administration has just crushed another country that was about to
become the first African country to fullfill the UN Millennium goals,

Libya, now in ruins with bandits running amok.

Also he has repealed the Ford/Reagan Executive Orders on assassinations
in conducting the medieval hunt for colonel Ghadaffis scalp.

What about costs? I am not talking about the four trillions. The
political costs!

The UN scyscraper has mentally gone the same way as Twin Towers.
To rubbles. Just take resolution 1973 and switch all words referring to
civilian population in Benghazi with references to Sirte and Ben Walid
and ju see the giant bluff of R2P. It is just R2K, right to kill.
Nothing but.

Stefan Lindgren

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