6 december 2022

Give Scholz the Nobel prize!

Foto: Olaf Scholz (SPD) lacht, Urheber: Dirk Vorderstraße,
Lizenz: CC BY 3.0

Kanzler Olaf Scholz' article in Foreign Affairs "The Global Zeitenwende" clearly shows he is worthy a Nobelprize - in hypocrisy.

He, who represents a state that only some 75 years ago devastated big parts of Europe and annihilated 27 million soviet citizens, is now trying to pose himself as the leader of a "free Europe" with a fresh  100 billion fund for rearming Germany.

He portrays Russia as imperialist, although the old German plans to swallow Ukraine as a producer of grain and cheap workforce are obvious - he already brags of German investments taking the lead in the carve up of Ukraine. Even when You talk about immigration he reveals his colonial reflexes. The European gardeners should cherry-pick the ones with best education to serve Germany's millions of rich and retired, and the rest will be taken care of in camps.

Nothing, not one single word in the 5 000 word ranting, hints the least criticism against the world hegemon, United States. Even the words he chooses are revealing. He talks about a "rule-based" world order, a neologism introduced in the late 80ies to cover up the preparations for three decades of illegal wars - Iraq 1 and 2, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc.

Before that we talked about a world order based on international law. The word Völkerrecht seems to have been lost in Germany. United Nations was created by the victors to remind warmongers of it.

Scholz is talking about the 30 years of US/Nato illegal wars as "globale Krisenbewältigung", global crisis managment. Is Germany now even backtracking on its resistance to the second Iraq war?

When he declares Putin to be the one who destroyed the detente after the Cold War, he is mistaken if not lying. He cannot have read Putins speech at the Munich Conference in 2007! It speaks of creating a multipolar world and overcoming hegemonial behaviour.

When Scholz says that Russia the following year "waged a war against Georgia", that is simply not true. EU:s own investigator, Mrs Heidi Taglivini showed unequivocally that the war was started by Georgia. And Russia showed great restraint - their soldiers stopped at the gates of Tibilisi and returned home.

Regarding Crimea Scholz is just repeating western lies. Let us remind him of the fact that his own country was reunited without any kind of referendum or participation from the "liberated" in forming the future - ein Anschluss, an annexion. Still, Russia had the insights to realize that the German reunification was inevitable, in spite of French and British attempts to prevent it.

Is it really to much to expect from a German chancellor to understand that another great people in Europe, of which 25 million happened to end up in diasporas all over Eurasia, feels something similar towards suffering countrymen?

As a czar of Europe Scholz is now talking about abolishing veto rights in the EU. Is that really up to him and Germany to decide? Or is EU really, when it comes to it, nothing more than Hitlers Neuropa, a cloak of oldtime German Herrschaftsmentalität?

The accusation against Russia of being "revisionist", against a background of Germany's feeding of the neonazi forces in Ukraine that bomb nuclear power plants and yesterday airfields belonging to Russia's nuclear defence forces, sounds especially poisonous.

Germany and its Polish acolytes have had the bad taste to hold commemorational events in Auschwitz, without allowing Russian representatives, but with Ukrainian neonazi defenders present. Lately Bundestag has accused Russia of genocide against Ukraine - of course the German government was too busy or embarrassed by the fake that it did not attend the session. But it did not speak out against it either. It is  giving russophobia and nazi-chic free hands to slowly eat into the popular conscience, while Scholz is pondering "the growing insecurity in the South China Sea".

Even Hitler had a better sense of reality when it came to China. He saw that the resurgence of China was inevitable! And why is Scholz pretending a worry that is not his? I guess Volkswagen doesn't run 60 factories in China because it is unsecure there?

Also, Scholz is now posing as the model democarcy of Europe with the right to bully the rest, as Poland, Greece, Austria and now Hungary has been bullied and armtwisted by Germany's henchmen in Brussels. But what is German democracy? It is Parteiverbot, Berufsverbot, Bildzeitung und Die Zeit (braune Konzern Springer), censorship of Russian and Iranian radio-TV and press, three years in prison for a journalist covering events in Donbass etc.

That isn't a model democracy. Maybe it is okey with Scholz but it doesn't give him the right to lecture billions of people living in other societies with systems they prefer.

Right now there is only one thing a German chancellor could possibly do to save his reputation among Europe's smaller nations. That is to stop sending weapons to Ukraine and thereby forcing the regime to get to the negotiating table. To prolong this war "as long at is takes" (the Nato insane formula that Scholz repeats) is to underwrite not only the crimes committed to the Russians in Ukraine but to the slaughter of the miserable rest of the Ukrainian nation.

Stefan Lindgren
journalist, translator

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