21 maj 2022

No, not 70 %, but 48 %

International media suggests that 70 % of the Swedes are for Nato. (Here and here). This is fake news. There has never been any majority for Nato in Sweden. Still it will now be approved as a member, after armtwisting Croatia and Turkey.

The adoption of Sweden is a hostile action towards Sweden and its traditional nonalignment, and it will only be possible to take it through the local parliament by ignoring the Swedish constitution that opens for treaties with "international organizations for peaceful cooperation", a description that certainly does not fit Nato.

So Natos invitation to a country, constitutionally excluded from joining Nato, and without a popular majority support, is an aggressive act.

For 30-40 years the Nato support in Sweden has been only around a third. And only now, after intensive war scare in the medias, has it succeded a well-financed Nato-lobby to push support close to majority.

But this will cede. What remains is the rape of a peaceful neutral country.

Stefan Lindgren

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