16 april 2018

Vilka är de pålitliga källorna från Douma?

En Reutersbild från "gasattacken i Douma". Kan alltsammans ha varit arrangerat? Var är bevisen?
Många antaganden.

Varifrån kommer urin- och blodprov, och varför åberopas de inte av USA, Storbritannien och Frankrike?

Vem tillhandahöll foton av gasbehållarna?

Vilka är de åberopade ögonvittnena?

Vilka är de öppna och många öppna källorna?

Vilka är de pålitliga underrättelsekällorna?

Peter Pettersson har samlat några tvärsäkra påståenden om "gasattacken i Douma". OPCW börjar sin undersökning idag.

The U.S. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Friday there was a "very high-level of confidence" that Syria was behind the attack, but did not elaborate on what type of evidence the department has.

"We believe we know who was responsible for this. We will still wait -- the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will still formulate its facts and its findings, but it does not determine the responsibility, they determine the substance," Nauert said Friday.

"We have proof that chemical weapons were used last week, at least chlorine, and that they were used by the regime of Bashar Assad," said President Emmanuel Macron.

Separately, US officials obtained urine and blood samples from victims in Douma that tested positive for chlorine and a nerve agent, MSNBC reported.

The Syrian regime used barrel bombs dropped by helicopter in a chemical weapon attack on its own people in the city of Douma, according to the US, France and Britain yesterday.

“Numerous eyewitnesses corroborate that barrel bombs were dropped from these helicopters, a tactic used to target civilians indiscriminately throughout the war. Photos of barrel bombs dropped in Douma closely match those used previously by the regime. These barrel bombs were likely used in the chemical attack.”

"Open source accounts allege that a barrel bomb was used to deliver the chemicals. Multiple open source reports claim that a Regime helicopter was observed above the city of Douma on the evening of 7th April.

"Reliable intelligence indicates that Syrian military officials co-ordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine in Douma on 7th April."

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